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Alive AG Perfect Mirror Elektronisch CD Roderic
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Roderics Debut-Album auf Katermukke aus dem Umfeld des Berliner Clubs Kater Blau ist ein entspannter Ritt durch die Clubmusik, mit melodiösen Akkorden, afrrikanische Handtrommeln und frischen Vocals.nnRoderics Debut-Album auf Katermukke, dem famosen Label aus dem Umfeld des Berliner Clubs Kater Blau, ist ein entspannter Ritt durch die elektronische Clubmusik. Seine ganz persönliche Vision enthält melodiöse Akkorde, afrrikanische Handtrommeln und frische Vocals. Der Mexikaner erreicht eine ähnliche Entpspanntheit wie sein südamerikanischer Kollege Nicolas Jaar. A perfect mirror showing you emotions and cold pictures, new facets and something about your past. A Perfect Mirror is a great option to discover yourself and Roderic is bringing the perfect sound for that. With our second longplayer on Katermukke we re introducing the Mexico based act, who is playing piano keys since his childhood. African hand drums and other instruments -Roderic is making clear, that electronic music can be based on every sound, organic or synthetic ones. The vocals are fresh and without any pressure - just catchy and natural. And so Perfect Mirror is taking us on a trip from the atmospheric and introspective to the driving and relentless world of a young and talented producer. On the sandy dancefloor or just laid back on your couch while watching the sundown - you will feel comfortable with something refreshing in your ears. Out on Katermukke, the label connected to Berlin Club Kater Blau and former Bar 25. TRACKS: 1. No Name 2. Within Me 3. Perfect Mirror 4. Kissing Into Each Other 5. Christal 6. Merequetengue 7. Mr. Sam 8. Midnight Sorrow 9. Slowly

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