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Market Entry Strategies (eBook, PDF)
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The first part of the book introduces relevant theories of internationalization. In addition to traditional concepts of internationalization (e.g., the product life-cycle approach of Vernon, the Uppsala model, and Porter's diamond approach), particular attention is paid to the more modern network approaches of internationalization (e.g., systems, new venture/born global, and entrepreneur concepts). In the second part, alternatives for international market entry (e.g., exports, franchising, joint ventures, contract manufacturing, and foreign direct investments) are explained. These market entry modes are categorized according to decision determinants, such as hierarchical control, proximity to the market, risk of investment, and the factor of time, which are important from the point of view of the corporate management involved in international business. The empirical part of this publication, which is the result of a longitudional study, consists of case studies of Asian firms doing business in the consumer electronics industry. The cases of Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Matsushita (Panasonic), LG Electronics, and TCL China provide fundamental insights into the firms' organizational structures, corporate cultures, respective sales volume, and earnings performance as well as strategic concepts for their market penetration in Europe. A main emphasis is placed on an understanding of internal firm networks (e.g., diversified business fields and vertical production depth) and external firm networks (e.g., joint ventures, supplier and buyer clusters as well as mutual capital interests). From the author's view, these network grids fundamentally contribute to the fact that Asian firms have more successfully positioned themselves in the market within the last two decades compared to their European competitors in the television set industry (e.g. Grundig, Thomson, or Philips). The networking aims and success factors as well as the changing strategic influence over the years of the partner firms both in bilateral Japanese joint ventures and in European-Asian joint ventures are examined. The book provides complex background information about the development of the European television set market. The analysis demonstrates that firms holding the position of technological market leaders in their segment simultaneously indicate the most intensive network activities. The further development of the network theory and the detailed and up-to-date case studies of the most important Asian enterprises in the consumer electronics industry contribute to the value of this publication. Furthermore, on the basis of the knowledge gained from this study, chances and risk potentials can be derived for other European industries (e.g., automotive). The book, written in English, is suitable for internationally oriented bachelor's, master's and MBA programs. Additionally, against the background of worldwide competition, the publication at hand offers relevant industry insights for interested political and economic decision makers.

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